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Why Choose Us


Legacy was founded with both clients and employees in mind. We will give clients the high quality experience their hard earned money pays for. We also believe that we have to build an amazing team to uphold our high standards, and to do so requires proper compensation. We are the best, because we have the best. 

Legacy is built with the old school mindset. Do great quality work, at reasonable prices, and clients will keep sending us repeat and referral work. We much prefer this over paying google, facebook, yelp etc, $30-$900 per lead, to bid against a dozen other companies.

Hire Partners Not Employees

Our pay structure reflects this being commission based. If there’s a slow season, we all suffer. The wage should always match inflation. If MSRP sky rockets and we have record profits, shouldn't our team share in that? This resonates through our entire company. Not just the owner/upper management.

We know from personal experience, pay an employee well, and they will make up for their labor costs with quality, efficiency, repeat customers, referrals, morale, reliability, loyalty, and more. Pay the employee garbage, don't expect much.

At legacy we really do treat everyone like family. There’s no reason the owner/founder should make piles of money, while the employee in the field busts their butt for just crumbs.


To join our team you must be self motivated, personable, punctual, efficient, safe, and take pride in your work. We don’t want someone we have to micromanage, has constant sick days/emergencies, "grandma died" 8 times, constantly leaves jobs incomplete, unsafe work practices, problematic, confrontational, etc.

We also like to have as many get togethers as possible. BBQ’s at the park, etc. For fun, as well as sharing experiences so we can help each others growth! We can’t stress enough, a happy partner is a productive partner.

Flexible Scheduling

Legacy is flexible with scheduling, so long as we have adequate notice. To an extent. We aren’t looking to dedicate benefits to someone consistantly working minimal hours a week, and or taking months off every year.
We can’t stress enough, we are the best, because we have the best. We are motivated, to keep you happy and motivated!


Application PDF

Submit your application, resume, and portfolio to LegacyDMMike@gmail.com We would love to know more about you!

Competitive Salary

Our pay is extremely competitive. Combine with flexible schedule, our techs once certified earn commissions that are unheard of in the construction world. We stress that we want techs that only "upsell" within reason. I.E. sell them what they actually need, and or push them towards what they need soon, and would make sense to bundle on that same job. Don't sell them crap they won't need within the next couple years, and or don't need at all! We will never push you, nor make you desperate enough to go after grandmas retirement, when a basic $150 repair will do. Most of our tech's need to be good, personable, salesmen. We give you the tools to be your own boss, and aren't looking for techs we have to micro manage. Being paid high commission is incentive to not just sell, but also be efficient, professional, personable, and thurough. Warranty's are a loss for the company, and for the technician. We only survive by providing the best service possible to our clients.

If you are sick of working so hard, for so little, for an employer you bend over backwards for, but who would never do the same for you, then fill out the application, and see what Legacy can do for you!

Even if no positions are available, feel free to send us your application. We are always growing. 


Investors & Partners


Legacy Partners with only the Best subs that remain very competitively priced. We are the best, because we work with the best. For this reason, we are extremely selective about who we give a chance, and who we continue to work with.

What are we looking for? Partners with a great reputation, great staff/morale, high standards and work ethic. Partners that are very punctual, professional, and personable. Partners that uphold OSHA and USHA standards, and go the extra mile to ensure no one gets hurt on the job site. Even simply putting a caution barrier around an area where equipment is running. It goes without saying, our Partners must be fully Licensed, and Insured.

We also have a minimum Insurance coverage required, we literally use this as a selling point to our clients. We look for partners that aren’t a huge inflated company with a ton of overhead. 

If you are looking to invest and or sub contract Legacy Work, reach out to us 

Investors &Partners

Our Valued Partners and Investors

If you are looking to invest and or sub contract Legacy Work, reach out to us 



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