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LEGACY Doors and More LLC

Hi, my name is Michael Feasel. I am the Owner/operate of Legacy Doors and More LLC. After decades of working so hard, assuming so much responsibility, working with low standard companies, and being rewarded crumbs off the table, I knew what I had to do.

I founded this company with the Legacy of high standards, well paid employees (not just the founder/Ceo/Upper management), which incentivizes them to have high standards as well. All priced at very fair rates, especially compared to the big companies.



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Legacy and our Partners live by the lesson learned from “The Tortoise and The Hare” Slow and Steady is better than Fast and Chaotic. We are not rushing for growth, if it means sacrificing quality. We take our time, making sure our high standards never fade.

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Being in construction all my life, I’ve enjoyed taking a pile of nothing, and turning it into something awesome. I also learned early on, it's better to  have high standards, and never enjoyed working for those companies that say they have high standards, charge top dollar, but provide sub par work, and low quality product. Don’t get me wrong if someone wants to pay for a cheaper solution, I can accommodate that as well, but you should get what you pay for. Not a penny less!

I have always been a people person. Talking to people is not “just part of the job” It’s a perk! I’ve met countless friends, Sub Contractors, Partners, and more. I’ve never appreciated when a stranger comes to my house, and is just awkward, cold, quite. I lead by example, and would never want to provide a service, that I myself wouldn’t accept!

During these crazy times of inflation and supply shortages, we stay honest with our clients. Sure some of it is reasonably unpredictable, but we aren’t going to tell our client “it should be here in 1 month” when we see plain as day the manufacturer says “10-14 months”. Even though this might be shooting ourselves in the foot, vs the competitive bid which is lying, at least we have a clear conscious, and aren’t dubbed “liars”.

We also see all the time where a company says “4-6 months” on month six when the client calls for an update, they say “oh because of delays it’s another 4-6” months”. This is just a cop-out of saying “We forgot to order your project”. Manufacturers have delays sure, but it’s usually no more than 30% of the original ETA.

Let us welcome you to the Legacy Family, where we strive to gain clients for life! Give us a call, and let us EARN your business!

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