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                                                Welcome to Legacy Doors And More

                                                             Your 1-stop shop for Garage Doors, Carpentry, Handyman, Metal fab, and everything Home/Property. 


                                                                                                                Welcome to Legacy Doors And More.

     We are a fully licensed and insured General Contractor. We do Garage Doors repair, service, and installs. Carpentry, Metal fabrication, pools, and much more. Anything we can’t/won’t do, we have a vast network of subcontractors to tackle. Including electrical, solar, plumbing, and much more.

      We know all too well, that  everyone’s had at least 1 bad experience with a contractor. Unfortunately it’s becoming all too common for con artists to take advantage of their clients.

      Our Legacy is to treat our clients, the way we would want to be treated. We stand behind our work, take pride in our 100% 5-star reputation. Because we do everything home/property, we aren’t after the 1-off “home run” job. We would rather do a great job, at fair prices, gain a client for life, and grow primarily from repeat/referral work, instead of very pricey advertising.

      Because of this, we firmly believe in building a relationship of trust. Including reliability, always taking your call, never ghosting you, and this all starts with the sale/estimate. We are happy to layout multiple options, discuss pro’s vs con’s, and we are happy to answer any/all questions. We don’t believe in being the “Pushy salesmen that just blurts out numbers, and doesn’t have time to answer questions, give multiple options, etc”

     We would love the opportunity to earn your business. We understand home owners, property managers, and businesses never have an end of “projects to tackle”. Lets start with one, and show you why our clients keep trusting us with more.

    Thank you for your consideration!                   Reach out anytime!           385-482-6039    

              Fully Licensed and insured.                        B100 General Contractor DOPL #13286990-5501                       Insurance Aquity.com Policy #ZQ4192

services and gallery

We Offer Top Tier Services

Garage Doors

Service Repair Installation Lube n Tunes

We cover resi doors, dock doors, and service doors, Legacy knows the Northern Utah Garage Door Market very well.


Decks Patios Sheds Shelves Cabinets Tables Fence

Legacy is fully Licensed, Insured, and experienced to handle all of your Carpentry needs.

Handy Man

Installing light fixtures Building furniture kits Hanging shelves/tvs/etc Basic Plumbing Fixtures Fence Insulation

The scope of handyman work is so broad, but we take on about 90% of it.


Taping, Mudding, Sanding, Paint, Stain, Interior/Exterior Trim

When it comes to matching something already existing, we cannot guarantee a 100% exact match, but get it as close as possible.


Installing patios Yardscaping Planting Tilling Pergolas And More

While Landscaping is a very competitive trade, we would love to give you an estimate.


Repairs, New-install, Drip-edge, shingle, metal, composite

Handling anywhere from a completely new roof install, to simply just patching.

Electrical & Solar

Cam Lights Solar Battery Back Up Breaker Panels New Construction

Want a full new solar system? Or maybe just need a ceiling fan installed. Reach out to us!


Spray-Foam Closed-cell Open-cell Small and Large projects Garage doors Walls Attics Etc

We offer all insulation types, but always recommend leaning towards spray foam closed or open cell.


Driveways Patio Swim Spa Pad Footings Ramp/Approach Sidewalk Foundation

After finding out the hard way, that 99 out of 100 concrete contractors are garbage, Legacy set out to find one of the very few good Concrete Contractors.

And More/ Full Gallery

Blacksmithing Welding Arborist Fabricating Anything For Home/Property

While Legacy isn't made of magic, we try to keep an open mind to any and all projects. If you have something in mind, just ask. We will be happy to get you a quote.



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